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Gift Ideas for Active Children

Choosing the right gift for a child is not always so easy. But what about those that have additional added value? Here are some ideas that will not only make your children delighted, but also inspire them to ride their bikes and spend more time outside.

Gifts for Small Children

Most children can recognize their written name before they start school. So, their eyes will certainly light up when they see their name on the bike. This can be now easily applied on the frame seat tube through Frame Personalisation.

Cycling gloves will not only make the ride more enjoyable and protect your child’s hands in case of crash but wearing them will also give children the feeling of professional racers. The Rascal Knog Bike Bell with a pleasant tone that will delight the child's ear present another original gift your child will hold on for long year after.

Gifts for Girls

Girls can create a perfect match with the pink Rascal Helmet, gloves and a healthy bottle in a cute design. From a practical point of view, they might also appreciate the Rascal Kickstand, which makes parking a piece of cake.

Gifts for Boys

Boys with racer’s DNA will surely appreciate bike gloves. The blue Rascal ones suit tiny hands and for bigger boys there are gloves Ride&Play of a more moderate design.

In general boys tend to be exceptionally proud of their first cycling bottle. You can delight them with a sophisticated Rascal Fidlock Bottle that uses a magnetic system instead of a standard bottle cage. What is more, the Rascal Fidlock Bottle fits even the Rascal 16 frames!

Gifts for Teenagers

For teenagers the style is above all. With its shape and straight visor, the Rascal Snapback will certainly meet their expectations. The Clip-on Flashlight presents another original and still very practical gift that can serve as either front or rear light. Thanks to its clip, it can be easily attached on clothes, bags, belts and elsewhere.


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Appropriate Children's Bike Size

Appropriate Children's Bike Size

Has your child grown up fast and you wonder how long their current bike will last? Are you about to buy their first pedal bike? We have some relevant tips for choosing the right children’s bike size no matter if you are planning to try the bike in advance or order it online.

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Making the Most of the Gears

Making the Most of the Gears

It is important to say that there is no specific age limit to start using multiple gear systems. However, there are some skills your child should master beforehand.

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