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Here you should be able to find answers to majority of the questions that might arise. We are here to help!


The Rascal bikes are made to high technical standards with careful quality check for durability and function without problems for many years. If service check is needed please visit the nearest Rascal bike dealer or any bike shop with qualified service staff.



Here you should be able to find answers to your questions...
We do not recommend installing/mounting a drawbar on the Rascal bikes, but it is possible to mount a towing system Follow me using a special adapter on the Rascal bikes.
In most cases, it is not possible to mount the carrier on Rascal bikes.
The handlebars can be lowered by "pads" under the stem (approx. 2 centimeters), but they cannot be raised.
Rascal 14" and 16" cannot have any mudguards. It is possible to mount mudguards to the seat on Rascal 20'', 24" and 26".
In most cases, installation is possible, but it is not an ideal solution and we do not recommend it.
Rascal 14"- the minimum height of the seat is approx. 42 cm, the maximum is approx. 48 cm.
Rascal 16''- the minimum height of the seat is approx. 45 cm, the maximum is approx. 51 cm.
Rascal 20"- the maximum height of the seat is approx 53 cm.
Rascal 24"- the maximum height of the seat is approx 63 cm.
Rascal 26"- the maximum height of the seat is approx 72 cm.
The minimum height is 35 centimeters, the maximum height is 45 centimeters.
This matter is handled directly by the carrier - specifically DPD Schweiz.
We are able to ship an order to a country outside of the European Union. In that case you have a right to get your VAT back. Just simply fill in the Refund of VAT form and mail it to us. We will transfer you your VAT back.
At the moment we do not offer any bike stands, but we are working on our own stand design which we are going to launch soon.
We send the bikes check and well pre-assembled. After taking it out of the box you only need to mount the pedals, handlebar and inflate the wheels tire (stated on the tyres shows the max. preassure for smaller kids we reckomend less preasure for comfortable ride). If the brake leavers reach needs to be adjusted for smaller hands please see the neerest bike shop.
Bigger models from  20 inch size come with front wheel off the front fork so you will need to place the bike into the upside down position and mount the front wheel to the front fork. When collected at the store, the bikes will be fully ready and checked for the perfect ride.
Proppeling the bike with the belt has many advantages and is used often on premium bikes with combination of internal hub gearing. The belt gives smooth, quiet and minimum maintenance performace ald lasts for miles as it is made of similair materials and technology like for car industy belts which can last for thousands of miles. Using the belt is also lighter and  safer option for young kids.
You can order our bikes via this e-shop or get them at one of our partner stores. Here you can find our store network.
There are several reasons why we believe using the hub gearing is cool and good option for kids bikes.
1. It is very durable gearing system easy to understand and set the gear even when the bike is not in move - eliminate struggles for the kids to shift preparing for the climb.

2. It is easy to understand and operate for kids as less grades gives very wide sufficient span of gears (for example 3 speed we use on 20 inch gives span like 5 to 6 gears on classic cassete gearing systems).

3. Damage proof to any mechanical damage when bike thrown on the grownd etc. as it hidden inside the rear wheel.

4. Allowes us using the belt drive system in combination with gears which creates smooth compact HI TECH sollution we believe kids deserve.

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