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VAT reg. no.: CZ06675069

Opening Provisions

  1. Under these Business Terms and Conditions, we define the relationship between our company, RASCAL BIKES s.r.o., Svatopetrská 35/7, 617 00 Brno, Czech Republic, as the seller and operator of the e-shop at www.rascal-bikes.com, and you, our customer, who enters into a purchase agreement with us.
  2. We apply a uniform approach to our customers and provide them with the same benefits, whether they are consumers or not. Therefore, the rules set forth in these Business Terms and Conditions are applicable to all our customers.
  3. These Terms and Conditions cover primarily the purchase of goods in our e-shop.

Conclusion of the Purchase Agreement

  1. You can enter into a purchase agreement with us remotely via the e-shop.
  2. In the case of a purchase agreement concluded remotely, the order placed by the order’s submission on the website shall constitute a draft purchase agreement. The order shall be valid for the period of 21 days and we will confirm its receipt by e-mail. The purchase agreement shall then be concluded upon our acceptance of the draft in the form of shipping the ordered goods. We will inform you of the shipment of the ordered goods by e-mail.
  3. We supply goods only in a quantity usual for household consumption. In specific cases (especially in the event of discounts or clearance sales), we are entitled to determine a maximum quantity that we can supply.

Withdrawal for No Reason

  1. By law, you are entitled to withdraw from an agreement concluded on the Internet without giving a reason within 14 days of delivery of the goods.
  2. If you wish to exercise this right, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from the agreement within the aforesaid time limit. The best way to do this is to contact us at info@rascal.cz or by calling +420 732 151 620.
  3. In the event you withdraw from the agreement, we will refund you the purchase price of the goods. In the event of withdrawal within 14 days of the delivery of the goods, you shall also be entitled to a reimbursement of the costs of delivery in an amount corresponding to the least expensive offered method of delivery. In the event of a later withdrawal from the agreement, we will refund only the purchase price of the goods. The aforesaid funds shall be refunded without delay, no later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal. However, in accordance with the law, we may wait with the payment until you return the goods. For the refund, we shall use the same means of payment you used to pay the purchase price, unless we agree otherwise.
  4. Without delay, no later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal, you should send the goods to Rascal-bikes s.r.o. – Svatopetrská 35/7, 617 00 Brno, Czech Republic. In that case, you shall bear the costs associated with the return of the goods.
  5. Please note that, by law, you shall be held liable for any reduction in the value of the goods as a consequence of handling the goods in a manner other than is necessary to familiarize yourself with the nature, properties and functionality of the goods (e.g. if you use a perfume even after you have already tried it). Please also note that you are not entitled to withdraw from the agreement in the case of goods manufactured according to your requirements or customized goods (e.g. packaging with customized engravings) and goods which you took out from their packaging and which cannot be returned to the packaging for hygienic reasons (e.g. opened cosmetic preparations and other goods that come into direct contact with your skin).


  1.       If the goods show a defect upon delivery, we can agree on compensation in the form of a voucher. You shall also be entitled to require the removal of the defect in the form of a replacement delivery or repair. In the event that the removal of a defect is impossible or unreasonable for us, you shall be entitled to claim a discount on the purchase price and, if the defect is substantial, you may also withdraw from the purchase agreement. You shall also have these rights if such a defect is manifested later.
  2. We shall be liable for defects in the goods if the defects are manifested within two years of the delivery of the goods or before the expiry date stated on the packaging.
  3. Goods shall be considered defective, in particular, when they do not have the usual or presented properties, do not serve their purpose, do not comply with statutory requirements or have not been delivered in the agreed quantity.
  4. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding complaints on our email info@rascal.cz. Please send us the goods under complaint to Rascal-bikes s.r.o. – Svatopetrská 35/7, 617 00 Brno, Czech Republic, together with a completed complaint form that will be sent to you by email. In the event you fill in the form without the assistance of our staff, please remember to indicate what you find to be a defect or how the defect is manifested, and your requirement as to the method of handling your complaint.
  5. We will inform you of the progress of the complaint, in particular of its receipt, acceptance or rejection, via e-mail or text messages. We may also contact you by phone.
  6. We will make a decision on the complaint without delay. The processing of the complaint including the defect removal will not exceed ordinarily 30 days. Otherwise, you shall be entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement. It is necessary for you to provide us with the assistance required to meet the above time limit.
  7. In the case of a justified complaint, we shall bear the costs associated with the return of the goods.

Method of payment and delivery

  1. You can select the method of payment and delivery from the options we offer. Prior to the shipment of the order, we will notify you of the selected method of payment and delivery and the associated costs.

  2. We reserve the right to provide the delivery of goods free of charge in selected cases.
    The currently offered methods of delivery and their prices:


    DPD delivery - Bikes free shipping
    DPD delivery - Accessories 120 CZK for orders under 3000 CZK
    Personal pickup Brno 0 CZK


    The currently offered methods of payment and their prices:
    Account Transfer 0 CZK
    Payment Gateway GoPay 0 CZK



  1. In accordance with the Act on the Registration of Sales, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the customer. The seller is also obliged to register the sale online with the tax authority, in the event of a technical failure no later than within 48 hours.
  2. In case of disputes, they can be settled on-line with the competent entity which, for the Czech Republic, is European Consumer Centre, with seat at its host structure Czech Trade Inspection Authority - Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic, website: https://evropskyspotrebitel.cz/en/. The dispute can be settled on-line, amicably and out of court.
  3. The agreement shall be concluded in English and shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.
  4. All prices of products and services are provided including VAT applicable at the time of placing the order. We are charging sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Website based on Czech VAT rate. In the event the tax rate changes before the conclusion of the purchase agreement or before the shipment of the goods, the customer shall be obliged, taking into account the selected method of payment, to settle any purchase price underpayment, or the seller shall promptly send the customer an e-mail asking the customer to communicate where the seller can pay any purchase price overpayment to the customer. The shipment of goods shall include a tax document. The tax document may also be sent by the seller electronically in the e-mail notifying the customer of the dispatch of the goods. All prices of goods, including discount prices, are valid until further notice or until stocks are sold out.