What is RASCAL?

Rascal is a premium lightweight children's bike with belt drive system for active kids that love cycling.
We have children, they love cycling and  we love cycling with them. And they are RASCALS of course - enjoying life fully without any boundaries. We wanted to create an amazing kids bike that captures the energy and freedom of childhood and this is what we came up with  - RASCAL BIKES!

Bringing this unique RASCAL BIKES project for kids into fruition has a background of many years of developement and experience in children's bike market. Since 2010, we have been serving thousands of kids and parents every season in our shops with quality children's bikes, learning the essential features bikes must have to ride and function well for children. Of course, no one universal solution exists but we tried hard to make Rascal bikes suitable for majority of the kids that naturally love an active life. Rascal Bikes geometry is rather sporty, but tweaked for children to get on and reach the handlebar more comfortably and easily etc. Unique frame design with lowered geometry allows longer span for the bike use ( the bike age overlaps more) and makes it easier to get on the bikes.

All bikes from 14¨ size use the Gates belt drive as a key feature which has many benefits. It is unique, practical, lightweight, safe and an easy maintanence solution that will be endearing to those who appreciate fine technical details.

We use internal HUB gearing on our bikes because we believe this is an excellent option for bikes for little ones.  It has a very durable gearing system, it is easy to set the gear even when the bike is not in motion - this eliminates the classic problem of  children struggling with gear changing while on an uphill ride.  It is easy to understand and operate for kids as less grades gives a very wide span of gears (for example, the 3 speed we use on 20 inch gives a span of 5 to 6 gears on a classic cassete gearing system). Additionally, it is resistant to any mechanical damage when the bike is  thrown on the ground etc. as it is hidden inside the rear wheel. The  belt drive system combined with this unique gearimg creates a smooth compact HI TECH solution we believe kids deserve.

Limited edition RASCAL GOLD - we prepare this unique finish as a celebration of the 2020 Olympics. The GOLD colour will be available from November 2019 through to the 2020 season in limited quantity.

Please make your reservations for the original Rascal Gold edition in time!   you can place your order here. Or just write to us on info@rascal.cz
Models available:

PUNK  - unique balance bikes with 12/14 wheel, RASCAL 14¨, 16¨, 20¨, 24¨ a 26¨. The 20¨ bikes are equipped with 3 speed  Sturmey archer internal hub, the 24¨+26¨ uses 7 speed Shimano Nexus. Internal hub gearing is very convenient and easy for kids to operate.
The RASCAL bestsellers are models 14,16 and 20 inch. Rascal 16 weights only 5,6 kg, Rascal 20 with internal 3 speed hub only 7,9 kg and belongs amongst the best kids bikes currently available in the market.
Unique to Rascal bikes is also the premium colour finish. The combination of brushed aluminium 6061 frame with semi transparent colouring is a unique RASCAL feature.
Basic colour for RASCAL BIKES is AQUAMARIN - blue, FLAME – orange and TITANIUM – grey. For models PUNK, 14, 16 a 20 a 24 we offer a beautiful pink shade  called RASPBERRY.

The RASCAL brand is a brand of quality and love  without any compromises.



Jaroslav Juřica  - leading project designer
Ondřej Brunecký  - design supervisor
Jakub Holec - technical supervisor
and the whole RASCAL BIKES team!

WE look for perfection in every single detail!