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Main features & benefits


Ergonomy optimized for children

A lower frame geometry which is great for small active children is a result of many years experience with thousands of kids visiting our workshops and proffessional designer imput. This original frame shape provides a perfect combination of safety, comfort and dynamics for an easy ride. Among advantages also belongs wider range of use of each model.


Unique laquer finish

Premium brushed 6061 aluminium frames with a semi-transparent colouring laquer finish gives Rascal bikes a truly unique and premium look.


Ultra lightweight

Rascal bikes belong amongst the lightest kids bikes on the market. A 14inches Rascal bike weighs just 5,5 kg! The less a bikes weighs the more fun our little rascal will have because it is easier to ride. The less a bike weighs the more fun your little rascals will have because it will be easier for them to ride.



You can add a special touch to your bike by ordering a name sticker to put on a black seat tube. This will made your bike special.


BELT instead of chain

Innovative, lightweight with low maintenance, ideal for kids.


Designed in the Czech Republic

Designed in the CR by experienced Rascal team and a professional designer Jaroslav Juřica, based on many years of experience with thousands of kids.


Kids size of brake levers

Quality aluminium brake levers downsized for kids with an adjustable reach.

Internal Hub

Efficient gearing system. Simple and easy to use for kids.

Narrow front fork

Lightweight narrow fork for front wheel axle 75 mm.

Why Rascal?

Bike personalisation

Bike personalisation

Make your bike special by adding a name sticker which you can put on a black part of a seat tube.
Ready to ride

Ready to ride

Our bikes are delivered pre-assembled and checked. You just need to do a few simple final steps and hooray to ride!
Personal approach

Personal approach

We are happy to help you Mo-Fri from 9am-3pm.
tel.: +420 732 151 620