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Appropriate Children's Bike Size

Right at the start, we should define a few terms we will refer to. There are different parameters to be considered when choosing the very first bicycle for a small child in contrast to picking up a mountain bike for a teenager.

  • The inseam length of the leg is a key parameter to lean on when verifying the safe size of a children's bicycle for small children. For this purpose, it is measured from the crotch to the heel of the shoe.
  • The child's height is referential when choosing a bicycle for older children. However, the individual ratio between the torso and lower limbs can play a significant role too.
  • The age of the child is a parameter that we cannot fully rely on as each child grows individually.

Bikes for small children

In terms of small children, every centimetre counts as there are small differences in various bike sizes. What’s more, we want the relevant bike size to last as long as possible.

The starting point would therefore be the largest possible bicycle size. To find this out, your child should sit on the bike set up with the lowest saddle position and have both feet touching the ground. Only slightly raised heels are acceptable. Here the inseam length equals the distance between the ground and the height of the saddle. That is why the inseam length presents the guideline for balance bikes and children's bicycles up to size 24.

aprox. age min. inseam length aprox. height model
2 to 4 year old 35 cm 80 to 95 cm RASCAL Punk!
3 to 5 year old 42 cm 90 to 105 cm RASCAL 14
3 to 6 year old 45 cm 100 to 115 cm RASCAL 16
4 to 7 year old 54 cm 110 to 125 cm RASCAL 20
6 - 10 year old 65 cm 120 to 140 cm RASCAL 24
6 to 10 year old 60 cm 125 to 140 cm RASCAL Wild 24

Older Children

For older and more experienced children who are able to mount their bikes when standing up, the inseam length is no longer taken into account. The height becomes more significant here. That is especially because older children spend more time on their bikes and if they do not use the full extent of their legs when pedalling, their thighs will very soon start to hurt. 

What is more, this pain discourages them from riding uphill and longer distances. To solve this, the saddle must be put up to the point when the child’s legs almost stretch at their bottom position. The distance between the saddle and pedal in its lowest position should eventually equal the inseam length. Therefore the child's height is the parameter you should refer to in this case.

aprox. age min. inseam length aprox. height model
8 to 12 year old 72 cm 135 to 155 cm RASCAL 26
8 to 12 year old 65 cm 135 to 155 cm RASCAL Wild 26
10 to 15 year old x 150 to 165 cm RASCAL Wild 27
10 to 15 year old x 150 to 165 cm RASCAL Rebel 27
13 & older x 160 to 170 cm RASCAL Wild 29
13 & older x 160 to 170 cm RASCAL Rebel 29


Beginners and younger children feel much safer when they can touch the ground with their feet while sitting on the bicycle. For such reason, the inseam length presents the guideline here.

As more experienced cyclists need to extend their legs more while pedalling, height becomes the factor in choosing the right bike size. Here the inseam length reflects the distance between the saddle and pedal in its lowest position.



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