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What are the advantages of a belt drivetrain?

A belt drivetrain system runs smoothly and quietly, it is lightweight and maintenance-free. In addition, the belt does not fall off and, since it is not lubricated with oil, it is not dirty with grease.

What are the advantages of an internal gear hub?

As the gearbox is hidden inside the rear wheel hub, there is no risk of mechanical damage that the traditional derailleur faces. In addition, this system shifts without pedalling. The 3-speed internal hub version matches the range of 5 to 6-speed chain version.

What is the difference between the Classic Series and MTB Series?

The Classic and MTB series differ in their specifications, which actually defines the riding style these models are intended for. The Classic series features a belt drivetrain, internal gear hub, V-brakes and hard fork. It is therefore mainly intended for common children rides. The MTB series is equipped with a wider range of gears, a suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes, which make it more suitable for off-road riding.

Can I adjust the handlebar height?

Yes, you can adjust the height of the handlebar height by moving the spacers from under the stem above and vice versa. The setting difference depends on the number and height of the spacers.

Can I mount a kickstand on my Rascal bike?

Yes, most Rascal bikes have a preparation for mounting a Rascal stand on the rear stays. However, make sure you order the right size of the kickstand! Size S is designed for Rascal 14 models. Size M corresponds to Rascal 16 and Rascal 20 models. Size L is compatible with Rascal 24 and 26 models and Rascal Wild 24. The MTB models 27 and 29 no preparation for a kickstand.

Can I mount mudguards on my Rascal bike?

Rascal Punk, Rascal 14 and Rascal 16 cannot be equipped with mudguards. However, larger bike models starting with Rascal 20 can already be fitted with some types of standard mudguards.

Can I mount stabilisers on my Rascal bike?

Bike stabilisers actually prevent your child from mastering their balance skills. Therefore, we do not recommend mounting them on your child’s bike. If you require stabilisers anyway, they can be mounted on both Rascal 14 and Rascal 16.

Can I use my Rascal bike with a tow bar system?

We do not recommend mounting a tow bar to Rascal bikes. TowWhee rope presents a much better alternative.

Can I mount a luggage carrier on my Rascal bike?

No, Rascal bikes have no preparation for a carrier. This is mainly a safety precaution. Any extra luggage would add extra weight and shift the center of gravity. The child’s bike would be much more difficult to ride and control.

How do I check the availability of bicycles that are currently out of stock?

You can make an order even if the bike you require is out of stock. The delivery date will be specified as soon as the required bike arrives in stock.

Will I receive my Rascal bike assembled?

We ship the bikes checked and fully adjusted. All you need to do is to mount the pedals, handlebars and the front wheel. You can download instructions for assembling your Rascal bike HERE.

Where will I find the invoice and the sticker with my child’s name?

If you have ordered Frame personalization, you will find it together with the invoice in an envelope inside the box or attached on the box.

Where can I buy a Rascal bike?

You can order Rascal bikes directly on this website. To see the list of Rascal stores click HERE.

How do I remove a rear belt-driven wheel?

To remove a rear belt-driven wheel, follow these simple steps:


  1. Disconnect the rear brake cable to make room for removing the wheel.
  2. Shift to the lowest gear and then disconnect the shifter cable from the gear hub.
  3. Loosen the bolts on both rear wheel belt tensioners.
  4. Loosen the nuts of the rear axle.
  5. Push the wheel forward to release the belt from the rear wheel sprocket.
  6. Move the belt out of the way and remove the wheel.


See the Gates Carbon Drive Instructions for more information and extra tips.

How do I know if the belt is properly tensioned?

Belt tension varies slightly depending on the type of bicycle it drives. The smartest way to achieve the correct belt tension is to use the Gates Carbon Drive App.

How to remove the Frame Personalization?

The Frame Personalization is made of self-adhesive foil and can be easily peeled off. If it is difficult to remove the sticker, simply heat it with a hair dryer or heat gun. Do not use agressive chemicals as the can damage the finish.

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