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Ideal Number of Gears for Children

When choosing a bike for your child, the number of gears also plays a significant role. To some extent, it influences how much your child enjoys cycling. However, it does not mean that more gears are always for the better.

It all comes down to the age and skills of the child. Small children get by with one gear, but older ones want to ride faster and are eager to experiment with more gears. Grown-up children need a range of gears that will allow them to climb hills and ride faster. For these reasons each Rascal bike size comes with its own ideal ratio and number of gears. But that's not all. The system that drives the bicycle is also significant.


Belt vs. Chain

Rascal children's bicycles are driven by either a belt or a chain. Each of these two options offers some specific advantages.

Thanks to its low weight and maintenance-free design, the belt is a great choice for single-speed bikes designed for the small children.

When the belt is combined with a rear gear hub, they offer an easy system that allows shifting when not pedalling. This solution is perfect for children who are getting used to a multiple speed system and have not enough experience with shifting.

The advantages of a chain with a conventional derailleur and multi-speed cassette include a significantly wider range of gears and a smoother gear progression. However, only older children and more experienced cyclist will be able to make the most of this.

Gear Ratios within the Bike Size Range

Let's now focus on the different sizes of children's bikes that are certainly the starting point for choosing the right bike.

Rascal 14 & 16

For small children cycling should be just fun and nothing else. Therefore, on the Rascal 14 and 16, you will find a single-speed system that is fully sufficient for slow short rides. Moreover, these bikes keep their weight to a minimum thanks to the belt drive.

Rascal 20, 24 & 26 with a Gear Hub

The rear gear hub in three-, five- and seven-speed versions will be appreciated by older children who can make use of more gears. The extra portion of gears will give them a sufficient range for climbing hills and faster rides. What is more, parents will appreciate the maintenance-free belt drive.

Rascal 24 & 26 with a Derailleur & Chain

Models Rascal 24 and 26 also come with a derailleur and chain. This solution will suit more active children who can ride longer distances and are not afraid of a climbing hills.

Rascal Wild & Rebel

Mountain bikes equipped with an eleven or twelve-speed derailleur are fine for children who like off-road rides. Such bikes are part of the Rascal Wild and Rascal Rebel series.


The Rascal Team is Here for You

Not sure which children’s bike to pick? Still lost in the children’s bike portfolio? Contact us via phone, email or through our contact form. Our experienced staff is here for you.



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