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What Gear Ratio to Pick

If you are still unsure about the number of gears your child should have on their bike, this article will help you make the right decision.

3-speed rear hub

The 3-speed rear hub offers a 177% speed range, which is well enough for cycling adventures with friends and short bike rides with parents. Such bicycles present an ideal choice for children who cycle occasionally.

5 & 7-speed rear hub

5 and 7-speed rear hubs provide about an extra quarter of the speed range. This will help children climb more easily and go faster on the flats or downhill. Therefore, it suits slightly hilly profiles. It is suitable for children who spend more time on their bikes and manage longer trips.

9 & 10-speed cassette

The advantages of a chain drivetrain include greater gear range and smoother steps between the cogs. Bikes equipped with a chain are therefore ideal for active young cyclists. They will be most appreciated by children for whom cycling has become their favourite activity.

11 & 12-speed cassette

More ambitious young riders, who like to indulge in mountain biking, should however reach out for a fully equipped mountain bike from the Rascal MTB series.



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Appropriate Children's Bike Size

Appropriate Children's Bike Size

Has your child grown up fast and you wonder how long their current bike will last? Are you about to buy their first pedal bike? We have some relevant tips for choosing the right children’s bike size no matter if you are planning to try the bike in advance or order it online.

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Making the Most of the Gears

Making the Most of the Gears

It is important to say that there is no specific age limit to start using multiple gear systems. However, there are some skills your child should master beforehand.

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